What is a migraine? Why migraine happens. Who gets migraines? Treating migraines.

Exercise Away The Migraines

Linda suffered from migraine headaches for years. When she first experienced a migraine, she thought that she was dying, as she had never felt this type of pain before. For years, her migraines continued, keeping her from activities that she enjoyed, and from her daily life. The migraines would be debilitating, requiring at least a day of dealing with the migraine and then a few days to recover from the after effects.

No One Mentions Food and Exercise

She tried every medication imaginable and couldn't find anything to help to completely control the migraines. She discussed her migraines with countless doctors, and sent away for information from migraine foundations. She was amazed that none of the doctors ever mentioned exercise or diet as things that might make a big difference in her life. They didn't talk about nutrition at all, except to discuss the idea of trigger foods.

Getting Off the Couch

Finally, one day a close friend was going to the new Y.M.C.A and asked if Linda wanted to come along. This was where her interest in fitness training began - and where her migraines ended! She enjoyed the programs and the equipment enough at the Y.M.C.A. that she decided to join. She started to work out on a daily basis and to feel better about herself. Along with her increased fitness, she started to think about what she ate more and to pay attention to her diet.

Suddenly, the connection worked! She noticed that her migraines were coming much less frequently and that she was feeling drastically better. She hadn't started exercising and changing her diet to help her migraines, but had inadvertently accomplished her task.

Amazing Benefits

The benefits of these lifestyle changes were dramatic and fast. While she still gets an occasional headache, they are infrequent and rarely last very long. This is a huge change from the frequent and completely debilitating headaches she used to get. Now, she feels great energy and stamina, she sleeps better, and she is more interested in food and in high-energy activities. And, of course, she can say goodbye to most of her headaches! Amazing!