What is a migraine? Why migraine happens. Who gets migraines? Treating migraines.


Migraine headaches come in all shapes and sizes. Learn more about the many various kinds of migraines and figure out which version of this debilitating headache you suffer from.

Migraine Causes:

Discovering the cause of your migraine headache is the first step in treating and preventing the horrible pain brought on by a migraine. Get the facts about the many various migraine triggers-like caffeine and spicy foods, and also learn more about how certain sports, pregnancy, allergies, and even epidurals can cause a migraine to occur.

Migraine Symptoms:

Read more about the many symptoms of a migraine so that you can decide if it is migraines you suffer from or just really bad headaches. Some signs of a migraine to watch out for are aura just before the pain sets in, extreme cold, or nausea.

Migraine Treatments:

Learn more about the many migraine treatment options that are available to migraine suffers. Decide which medications, like anti-depressants, may be right for treating your migraine headaches. Also consider some natural remedies like yoga, exercise, Botox or herbs.

Migraine Prevention:

Discovering your migraine trigger is key to making your life migraine free. Find out how you can avoid this trigger and get some great tips on migraine prevention.

My Migraines:

Hear from real people about their experiences with migraine headaches and read these firsthand accounts of what it is like for a migraine sufferer. Also, get some great advice on how to cope with a migraine through these personal stories.