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Telling the Migraine Story in Art Form

There are a huge number of people in the world suffering from migraine headaches. These people understand one another and they understand the pain and debilitating symptoms migraines levy on migraineurs (people who suffer migraine headaches). Those outside the world of migraine headaches often tend to downplay the pain and fallout from these crushing headaches. It is a difficult thing to educate people on because it has been hard to capture the essence of what goes on - literally in the head - of a migraine sufferer.

A Look Inside the World of Migraine Headaches

Now it is possible to get an inside picture of what a migraineur experiences through the medium of art. Migraine aura art, and migraine art and photography have become an artistic world that has developed to bring an understanding of migraine and migraine aura in a way that could never be conveyed by words alone. Along with the painting and photographic art, there are songs and poetry written that have been added to this evolving and growing body of work. It has made it possible for those outside the understanding of migraine to "feel the pain" of someone who has migraines and to get a glimpse of the agony a migraineur goes through.

It's Not a New Concept

What is interesting to note is that migraine art is not a new thing at all. While there are no actual records of when the first migraineurs began to express their migraine symptoms in art form, experts today believe that some of the mystical paintings from medieval times are actually expressions of auras that come along with migraine attacks.

In the last century migraine art was promoted by the late Derek Robinson and, beginning in the 1980s through to this time, there have been art exhibitions and competitions in various parts of the world that focus on migraine auras, pain, and the impact that migraines have on the lives of people who suffer with them.

Check Out the Sites on the Internet

Of course, the internet is an excellent vehicle for people to expose their art works and personal websites featuring migraine art are plentiful. Not only art, but ideas, thoughts, writings, poems and spontaneous feelings are shared through drawings, paintings, photos and essays. Migraineurs are beginning to express themselves in music as well.

It is possible to check out several places on the internet where artwork, photography and other art forms are used to express symptoms and life with migraine headaches. By visiting them, a person can get a better idea of what goes on in the lives of migraine sufferers, and they can better educate themselves through these media.